What is RAW?

RAW is an anonymous spamming and hacking team of Bangladesh. The unique three letters of RAW stand for Reblue Anonymous Warriors

What are the works RAW do?

The works RAW do are:

Facebook recovery system.

Solving harassment and cyber bullying issues.

Elimination of atheism, racism & adult contents.

Helping the normal users for their safety and betterment.

Stand by the helpless families and provide their support etc.

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A. Recovery Sector: If anyone’s Facebook account is disabled, hacked, or damaged, we try our best to fix it and solve all the problems related to Facebook.

B. Solving Harassment & Cyber Bullying Issues: If someone is being harassed online, someone is using someone’s picture without permission, blackmailing someone, or opening a fake account in someone’s name to create a hesitation to society and his family, then if the victim asks us for help with enough & proper evidence, we, file their cases & solve it.

C. Elimination of atheism, racism & adult contents: Our job is to eradicate anti-religious posts, those who hurt religion, from Facebook, YouTube, and all social media. At present, about 100 million people in Bangladesh use the Internet, which is 82% of the population of Bangladesh, most of whom are minors.
The current society has become addicted to Facebook and other social media sites, among which young people are more, many people are spreading nudity and adult content on Facebook and other social media sites, which is changing the mindset of young people. We’re doing our best to eliminate all adult content that causes mental development problems in young people.

D. Helping normal users: Currently, Facebook is one of the means of communication.
About 80% of users in Bangladesh can’t solve their own account security and other problems, we run a public help zone on Facebook from where anyone can ask for solutions to their Facebook or other social media-related problems and we will be obliged to do so.

E. Support toward the helpless: We run a recovery sector on Facebook, where we have to make payments for a certain number of jobs, we distribute those payments to any needy family or winter and Eid clothes, food to flood-affected families, etc. If anyone tells us their problem, we look for it and help them as much as we can.

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What are the successful works RAW done?

The most successful works of RAW so far was hacked and destroyed one of the biggest Facebook Atheist group named “নাস্তিক বনাম আস্তিক” and also hacked and destroyed Indian Facebook groups of 1.7M and 1.1M members for making bad comments about Bangladesh.
Besides, we have already successfully hacked and removed many atheist,18+ contents, anti-Islamic contents, Youtube channels, Facebook pages, Facebook IDs, Facebook groups.

What is the main goal and future plan of

Creating a safe and secure cyber networking system for every generation of this modern world where everyone will be able to do networking without any risk and hesitation.

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Abu Bokkor Siddik


Rons Smit


Rony Hosen


Ibrahim Kholil


Mohammed Foysal


Ahsrafur Rahman


Hasan Mahmud


Jahid Hasan Abir


Iqbal Hossain


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Nur Amin Lebu

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